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Busy Beginnings .. An exciting month for the CBA Health and Wellness

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It has been over a month since I last posted to this blog.  What a busy start to the New Year.  So much is happening in my practice and with the CBA Health and Wellness Committee.  It was official in mid January.  The Cincinnati Bar Assocation has a Health and Wellness Committee .  I am the initial chair of the committee.  I am so proud of all of those involved and particularly the Bar Association Executive Committee and Staff for their support.  I am also excited to reach out to other attorneys and help them lead a balanced life and have more fulfilling careers.

After getting approval for the committee my first order of business was to get in touch with the local law schools to discuss their interest in programs for law students.  I met with Jennifer Jolly Ryan a professor at Salmon P. Chase College of Law and Sean Mangan, an Associate Professor at UC Law.  Both meetings were great.  It seems my alma mater, Chase,  is a little bit ahead of the curve as they have mandatory first year professionalism course, a Children’s Law Clinic and mandatory pro bono.  But, yet they are interesting in other ideas.  My meeting with Sean Mangan was great as well. He has been working on a new a transactions course which has a practical approach.   Sean is excited and is joining the committee.  He is interested in working with OLAP on a program for law students not just at UC but other law schools in the state.

So, with some law school interest I have set the first meeting of the Committee for March 1 at 12:00 pm at the CBA.  I have some great Committee members including a representative from OLAP, a Hamilton County Municipal Court Magistrate, fellow lawyers in private practice, Sean Mangan and Dimity Orlet without her this would have never happened.  In addtion to a Committee of Attorneys, we are asking the people I met with December to be non attorney advisors.  It will be so great to bring others from outside the legal profession into the discussion and to share their wisdom with my fellow lawyers.

So, it was a busy month of meetings and emails.  Plus, I had to work at my day job too.    My immediate goal is to blog more often and to get articles for the next year for the CBA Report.  I will post more often about issues that interest me and as things develop at the CBA. I am looking forward to having people to share this project with and to sharing it with others through my posts.


Author: Tabitha M. Hochscheid

Attorney since 1995, interested in Attorney Health and Well Being and related issues for lawyers and the general population. Developer and Committee Chair of the Cincinnati Bar Association Health and Well Being Committee.

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