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LAWYERS WITH DEPRESSION BOOK PROJECT — personal accounts wanted!!!

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My colleague and friend, Dan Lukasik over at Lawyers With Depression is working on a book about depression in the legal industry.  The book will tell the real life stories of attorneys who suffer from depression.  He needs help in the form of lawyers who are willing to talk about their struggle with this disease and how the practice of law affects them.

The book will be more than just a recitation of statistics and general overview of the topic.  Dan is providing a forum for others to tell their real life stories of depression, recovery and the practice of law.  In addition to this, he will devote time to the CBA’s Health and Well-being Committee and our efforts to address these issues in Cincinnati.

I am helping him as best I can and one of the ways,  is by asking people to come forward to share their experiences with him.  This can be done anonymously.  Dan’s work on the part of lawyers with depression is amazing.   Dan has depression himself and has managed to maintain his practice and become a public voice of lawyers with the illness.

This project will mean a lot to so many people.  So, if you would like to participate or know someone who would please have them visit his website by clicking here.  Even if you are not interested in helping with the book you should still check out his web page it is a wonderful resource on the issue.  Finally, if you know someone who suffers share the website information with them.  Depression can be an isolating experience so having a website ran by an attorney and this book can be a comfort to many.


Author: Tabitha M. Hochscheid

Attorney since 1995, interested in Attorney Health and Well Being and related issues for lawyers and the general population. Developer and Committee Chair of the Cincinnati Bar Association Health and Well Being Committee.

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