Balancing the Bar

Happiness and the Practice of Law

About the Author

My name is Tabitha M. Hochscheid, I am an attorney from Cincinnati, Ohio who practices in the area of Creditor’s rights, Bankruptcy and Commercial Litigation.   I have worked at a small firm, founded a law firm (with two partners), spent years working with some great people at the firm of Cohen, Todd, Kite & Stanford, LLC and in January 2013 I started the firm of Hochscheid & Associates, LLC.

My various practice environments and long-standing relationships with many clients have allowed me the grow a practice and still enjoy what I do . However, as many know, the practice of law can be challenging and demanding and enjoyment isn’t always there.  Because of this and the various people of I have encountered along the way, I have noticed that lawyers, in general, are not happy people.

In recent years, I mulled over trying to do something to improve the legal practitioners enjoyment of what they do.  Then, in May of 2011, a friend, colleague and partner of mine Kenneth D. Jameson committed suicide.  His death was the last straw in my growing discontent with the practice of law.  So, I decided to start this blog and to work with the Cincinnati Bar Association to develop Health and Well Being program to combat stress, mental and physical health issues faced by my fellow lawyers. A committee was created in January of 2012 and a monthly Balanced Living column now appears monthly in the CBA Report. In February of 2013 we expanded upon those efforts with the Balanced Living Lecture Series.  Currently, the Committee is formulating a support group for depressed lawyers and assisting the Ohio Law Assistance Program with depression awareness.   We are teaming with other CBA Committees to develop CLE programming and etc.

This blog expands upon the efforts of the Bar Association and provide attorneys with a forum to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the practice of law and or their life outside of it.  I enjoy the sharing ideas with other attorneys and professionals outside of law.  I hope this blog will lead to more ideas and share my ideas to further the mission to help attorneys lead happier lives and provide information on Health & Well Being to those of interest.

Please contact me at or at if you have suggestions or comments.