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CNN is Calling you can’t be sick

I have suffered with the flu since January 3, 2014. It has been no fun. However, during my illness something amazing happened. CNN decided to do a story about Lawyer Suicides. My friend Daniel Lukasik at called my office and said basically “where’s Tabitha CNN is coming to Cincinnati and wants to interview her about Ken Jameson and the work of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Health & Well-being Committee. My paralegal calls me at home, wakes me up and says “CNN is calling you can’t be sick”. At first I accused her playing a prank but it turned out to be true. I really couldn’t be sick that day.

On January 9, 2014, I was interviewed and spent a lovely 2+ hours with Rosa Flores, Correspondent and Rose Arce, Producer and of course, Leon the camera man. I was so excited to see them do a piece about the industries dark side — Depression and Suicide. My colleague Ken’s death had spurred me to work on Health & Well Being issues and the work has grown more rewarding every month.

In January 2013, I left the firm where Ken & I were both partners and started my own law practice. In the last year, my life has been exhausting and exhilarating and that means this blog among other things has taken a back burner. I have still been working on these issues just doing so in other forums ( CBA Report Articles, CLE presentations and etc.). Lots of good things continue to happen in Cincinnati and I will start sharing those on this blog again soon.

Tomorrow CNN will run the segment on Lawyer Suicides during their 11 am news program. “Legal View”. I have had lots of contact with them since they left my office. They have been just amazing. Professional, courteous and really interested in learning about Ken, his family, the Health and Well Being Committee and helping raise money for the Kenneth D. Jameson Health & Well Being Fund at the Cincinnati Bar Foundation. There will also be an online article of greater length. I will post links as I get them.

I owe this all of course to Dan Lukasik. What an amazing colleague and friend. He got my name to CNN and well he told me to rise up out of bed and seize the moment. I hope the segment includes some information about his Website and the gift he gives to other lawyers by talking of his own struggle with depression.

That’s it for now. I am back blogging and updating the work of the committee and etc on this site. It feels good to do so and introduce this CNN story at the same time.


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LAWYERS WITH DEPRESSION BOOK PROJECT — personal accounts wanted!!!

My colleague and friend, Dan Lukasik over at Lawyers With Depression is working on a book about depression in the legal industry.  The book will tell the real life stories of attorneys who suffer from depression.  He needs help in the form of lawyers who are willing to talk about their struggle with this disease and how the practice of law affects them.

The book will be more than just a recitation of statistics and general overview of the topic.  Dan is providing a forum for others to tell their real life stories of depression, recovery and the practice of law.  In addition to this, he will devote time to the CBA’s Health and Well-being Committee and our efforts to address these issues in Cincinnati.

I am helping him as best I can and one of the ways,  is by asking people to come forward to share their experiences with him.  This can be done anonymously.  Dan’s work on the part of lawyers with depression is amazing.   Dan has depression himself and has managed to maintain his practice and become a public voice of lawyers with the illness.

This project will mean a lot to so many people.  So, if you would like to participate or know someone who would please have them visit his website by clicking here.  Even if you are not interested in helping with the book you should still check out his web page it is a wonderful resource on the issue.  Finally, if you know someone who suffers share the website information with them.  Depression can be an isolating experience so having a website ran by an attorney and this book can be a comfort to many.